Sunday, August 28, 2011

Killer Nashville 2011

Just got back from Killer Nashville 2011, a great conference for writers, and I learned a ton!  One thing I learned was not to use too many exclamation points, so maybe I haven't put it all into practice yet.

I also learned that there are a LOT of other first novelists out there trying to get published.  On the plus side, I am not alone. On the negative side, I have a lot of competition.  But, of course, writing is its own reward, as evidenced by how many people have blogs.  I also learned that everyone in the world had a blog except me.  At least I can remedy that.

The highlight of the trip was the "Why I Stop Reading" breakout session where a panel of agents listened to a selection of writing sent in by the attendees.  When each agent came to a place where they would have stopped reading, they would say "stop."  I am delighted to say that my page received the fewest number of "stops" of the eight selections read.  If I weren't such a big chicken, I would have gone and introduced myself to the panel after the session, but baby steps are better than no steps at all.  At least I didn't throw up.

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